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Inspired by Music

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Very exciting stuff!!  Our ‘art in the furniture store’ series of exhibitions continues for July with ‘Inspired by Music’ a new collection of paintings by Rod Craig… it says ‘on the tin’..inspired by music.  Rod is a musician and writer himself, playing mandolin and guitar with Cooper Black and The Pondorosa, so music plays an important part in his life.  He has created a series of paintings specifically inspired by certain pieces of music ranging from The Waterboys to Van Morrison to The Portico Quartet.

At the preview evening, Fri July 5th, 6.30 in our Woodstock showrooms, we are staging a special ‘multi media event’.  Rod will create a painting on the evening and the process will be projected on to a large screen, so that the audience can fully enjoy its creation.  Live music will form the inspiration for the piece, provided by tp & woodman who will perform a guitar led improvisation to inspire Rod whilst reacting to what unfolds on his paper.

We did a ‘dry run’ last Friday, to make sure that the technical side will work and the resulting painting is below.  ’The Lantern Parade’ was created by Rod in response to some at times Floydian textures created by the musicians in the tp & woodman collective: Ricky Edwards - percussion, Paul Gibbon - keyboards, Peter Morgan - bass, Tony Poole - 12 string guitar, Chris Baylis (woodman) - guitar, e bow, screwdriver.

rod craig - the lantern parade

rod craig - the lantern parade

We will hopefully be putting be putting a ’snippet’ on You Tube shortly…watch this space.  For other pieces already ‘inspired by music’ and which will be appearing in the exhibition, please visit Rod’s blog at

Preview party and live performance of painting and music Fri July 5th, 6.30 (performance starts at 7.00pm)

On display in the showrooms will be our latest acquisition - a stunning glass artwork in three panels, measuring 8ft wide x 6 ft high ‘The Bull of Minos’.

Made in the Whitefriars Factory in 1966 for a Greek restaurant, this was cutting edge work of the time with some amazing depth of colour.  30 small panels have been fused to a central core of plate glass…. with the end result being truly breathtaking!

Whitefriars Glass - The Bull of Minos panel 1966 (8ft x 6ft)

Whitefriars Glass - The Bull of Minos panel 1966 (8ft x 6ft)

Not quite sure what to do with it yet…as I would dearly love to keep it, but eventual display in a place that ‘works’ is not going to be easy.  In the meantime, whether you are a Whitefriars

fan or not…come and marvel.  It was designed and made by Paul Jefferies and it took 4 months to complete!  It was originally made for a Greek restaurant in Eastbourne.

On a musical front, tp & woodman are gearing up for a string of performances:

Sat June 29th: Newington Church, (near Stadhampton, Oxfordshire)

Sat July 5th: ‘Inspired by music event’, Woodstock

Sat Aug 24th: Woodstock Live Festival

Sat Oct 5th: Chipping Norton Theatre

Recording of the first album is about to get underway (when my desk is working again!!), so we are still on course for a Nov / Dec album launch…watch this space!!

Bye for now..


PS Forthcoming exhibitions:

August  - Jacqui Hopkins

September - Shirley Cherry (including a rather fetching portrait of Scrumpie-pup and guess who??…)

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